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"A great backyard is the product of inspired design, harmonious materials and meticulous installation".

Liquid Design was established in 2003 and has systematically redefined the backyard experience and raised expectations among northeast homeowners when it comes to determining what is possible when creating unique outdoor environments. Kevin Fleming is a landscape designer with a Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Architecture from West Virginia University with more than twenty five years of experience. Fleming pursues watershape design and construction in entirely different ways, accommodating a design sensibility and a level of attention to detail previously unheard of in the residential marketplace.

In a WaterShapes article from 2003, Fleming wrote at length about the process of moving away from mass-produced pools and spas and towards fully custom work. All design details are meticulously shaped to fit within the context of a home's architecture, interior design and surrounding landscape.

Fleming continued his pursuit to be an industry leader and achieved his certificate of “Professional Society of Waterscape Designer”in November of 2005, from The Genesis Design Group, the leading educators in high-end design and construction in the industry. Fleming was then asked to be an instructor for the Genesis program which he did for several years. With Genesis, he created and taught “Elements of Design”, a core required course in the program. These accomplishments, along with identifying top artisans and crafts people to execute these intricate designs, have been the backbone of 15 years of successful projects designed and constructed by Liquid Design.

In our market, truly artistic design and construction for gardens, swimming pools and spas had previously been a rarity. Even super-affluent clients were settling for work that now seems unsophisticated and unexciting. Time and time again in the past fifteen years, we have seen the amazement on clients' faces when they recognize that our approach is an entirely new level of design and construction. In a visually demanding industry, these philosophies have elevated Liquid Design to approach each project as “a work of art”.